Systems Survey #1: Food


For my first system survey, we were assigned the topic of food. After a week of observing, I decided to discuss the process of how an orange makes it way to becoming orange juice. I chose this system because orange juice is something I drink almost everyday and wanted to know more about how its made.

The elements of orange juice production would be: the orange tree, the oranges themselves, as well as the machinery used to squeeze, store, and transport the juice.

Each element is interconnected to the cycle in some way. First, one must grow the orange tree in order to produce the oranges needed to make the juice. Once the oranges are grown and harvested, they are taken to the squeezer, where the juice is actually produced. The production of juice is controlled by the operator of the machinery. From there, the juice can either be directly bottled fresh or be concentrated. The purpose for concentration is to be able to extend the shelf life for the juice. To perform concentration, the access water is removed from the juice and then is stored and compressed for easier transportation. In order to reconstitute the concentrated juice, the consumer may add water back to be able to make the juice drinkable again. After that process is complete, the juice can be pasteurized in order to prevent spoilage.

Each aspect of the system has a specific duty. The function of this system is to take a fruit grown on a tree and be able to produce drinkable juice from it.


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