Systems Survey #3 + Critique: Trees



I chose to use the history of sports logos to create a “tree.” I guess this isn’t so much a system working together. Although, the logo for each team is changed to fit with the times. Each variation can be attributed to the fan’s reaction, or call for change.

The elements of this “system” is the teams themselves, the logos variations, and the years that they were used for.

The logos for each team can be described as interconnected because they are all very similar, with only slight changes to the style. The goal when changing the logo is to maintain the basic theme for each team.

The logo can be changed due to feedback from the fanbase, or just because the administration wants to reinvent their image as a team. The logo designers have the control to create the logos themselves, and then the team management decides if they want to use that logo. As you can see, it took a fair amount of time and feedback/changes to the design to come up with the logos we have today.

The purpose of this system is to ensure your team stays relevant and original. If a team is struggling, then it can be a good way to market by creating a new image for the brand. A good logo in business can be a key aspect for marketing. Its important because the logo represents a brand’s unique identity.







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