Systems Survey #5: Weather

Doc Jan 27, 2016, 10:36

The weather system I chose to survey this week was a hurricane. I focused on how the hurricane is actually formed.

The elements in this system are: Oceans, evaporation, wind, humid air, & storm clouds

For a hurricane to form, first the temperature of the ocean must be 80 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This warm water provides the source of energy for the hurricane. The more evaporation that takes place, the more humid air there is, and the more cloud that form. This “energy” is caused by strong wind that force the air upwards. The winds must be blowing at the same speed, in the same direction. As the wind is directed upwards, once it is above the storm clouds, it begins to flow outward. This causes the humid air to rise and form a bigger cloud. Once the storm cloud has been created, it can be steered by an outside force of winds, and as it picks speed, it will gradually grow in size.

Therefore, a hurricane is almost directly controlled by temperature of the ocean water, as well as the force of wind that takes place in the process. Hurricanes are a necessary part of our Earth’s circulatory system, and they teach us a valuable lesson about regulations of climate.


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