Systems Final Project


For our final project, we settled on creating an interactive game with a physical interface and a computer model. As you stepped on the physical interface, the computer was modified according to the game “rules” and so on and so forth.

We mad the game interface out of play pads and copper tape–when the two play pads touch they complete a circuit with the ground and the computer. The computer game was specifically a survival based game and the goal was to make it through the forest without being mauled by a bear. Of which the sound and images were modified from an existing game, and projected in front of the player. Therefore when stepping on one of the game pads, it triggered projected feedback on whether or not you had made it through the game safely. If you stepped on the wrong pad, a warning was triggered or an attack was triggered and the game would stall.

Though the game interface had a few pressure issues, overall the system was a success and the game was easy to play and follow. It was solid prototype of a human/ computer interaction and given a bit more time and some coding work would have been even more fantastic. Below is the schematic of the interface and then a description of what each square should do when coded:

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