BioAcoustics Composition #1: Sounds From Cherry Creek


For this project, we were instructed to create a BioAcoustics composition using sounds that we recorded in our area. I chose to travel to nearby Cherry Creek State Park to gather bioacoustics samples and piece them together to create this recording. I also used a couple sounds from to add to the aesthetic of the piece. This composition consists of sounds of nature from waves, raindrops, birds, to frogs, prairie dogs, and even coyotes.

The goal of the piece was to create an opposite sounding setting than the one I had originally visited. On the day I was recording, it was really nice and sunny out during the mid-afternoon. I wanted to use my samples to make it sound like it was a stormy night in the park. I think with the different modulations and construction of my sounds I was able to pull off my goal.

In order to create this composition, I used different software including Audacity, Max 7, but mainly Logic Pro X. I was able to download different plugins from the internet that I used to manipulate the sounds to form the finished product that you can listen to above.




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